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                                      BRZ? MILLING

                                      BRZ?is different than most industrial minerals due to (1) its light weight of only 55 to 58 pounds per cubic foot on a broken basis, and (2) the fact that it is a desiccant, and will hydrate under high humidity conditions causing screening problems. Other than these two problems, it is relatively easy to crush and it is not highly abrasive when compared to quartz.

                                      PRIMARY CRUSHING CIRCUIT



                                      The primary crushing circuit is a conventional closed circuit utilizing a Stephens-Adamson 42? x 12?apron feeder, Pioneer 30?x 42?jaw crusher, Nordberg standard 3?cone crusher, a 5? by 12?nbsp; double deck Kohlberg screen, and it also has a self-cleaning dust collector. The rock is crushed to minus 1 inch and the circuit has a rated capacity of more than 50 tons per hour.


                                      Apron feeder at BRZ?/font> mill


                                      BRZ?/font> primary jaw crusher



                                      BRZ?/font> cone crusher


                                      COARSE PRODUCT CIRCUITS (GRANULES)

                                      There are two lines to produce coarse products: line 1 and line 2. Line 1 is a closed circuit with a Cemco T-35 Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) and a 5?x 8?high frequency Midwestern Multi Vibe five deck screen. Line 2 include a Jeffries 30 inch by 24 inch 60 HP hammer mill in closed circuit with two 5?x 8?five deck Midwestern Multi Vibe high frequency screens. The circuits also include bucket elevators, 3 125 ton capacity product silos.



                                      Sweco screens are used for double screening to insure product quality. Depending on the screening sizes, the plants can generate approximately 150 tons of granules and 125 tons of fines per 24 hour day. A 6 ton capacity stainless steel Crust Buster blender. This is a vertical screw auger that blends most products in a matter of minutes.

                                      Sweco screen

                                      DRYER CIRCUITS

                                      There are two dryer circuits, one for lines one and two, and one for the Raymond mill. The dryer circuits include one 50 ton feed bin, and each dryer has a conveyor bypass around each dryer, a bucket elevator, and a dry rock bin. The dryers are 25 feet long and 5 foot in diameter and are fired with propane at 850,000 BTU’s of fuel. One self- cleaning bag house services both dryers. Depending on the wetness of the feed rock, the capacity is in the range of 10 tp BRZ dryer h per dryer. During most of the year, the dryers are not run.




                                      BRZ? dryer

                                      FINE PRODUCTS CIRCUIT


                                      The fine products circuit is in one building and it includes (2) 3.5?x 10.5?Derrick 2 deck high frequency (3450 RPM) screens and various bucket elevators, augurs, bins, and Sweco screens for handling product. Depending on the screening sizes, the plants can generate approximately 150 tons of granules and 125 tons of fines per 24- hour day.



                                      Derrick 2 deck high frequency (3450 RPM) screens

                                      RAYMOND MILL CIRCUIT



                                      The Raymond mill circuit includes a 6058 high- side Raymond mill with a double whizzer, dust collector, two 100 ton product silos, feed bin, conveyors, air slide, bucket elevators, and control booth. The Raymond mill has a rated capacity of more than 10 tons per hour.




                                      Close up of 6058 Raymond Mill (red) and the system fan on right.



                                      A warehouse 48 feet x 100 feet is provided with a semi-automatic bagging line with a capacity of 60 tons per 8 hours. It is also used to warehouse products.

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