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                                      Soil Quality ?Odor Control ? Flow Agent ?Carrier ? Filtration ?Desiccant ? Pozzolan ?Remediation

                                      BRZ?high grade natural clinoptilolite zeolite, direct from our mine in

                                      Preston, Idaho, USA

                                          BEAR RIVER ZEOLITE (BRZ? is 85 to 95% pure natural clinoptilolite zeolite and contains:

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Approximately 3.5% potassium, a plant nutrient

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Approximately 2.02% calcium, a pH buffer for animals and soils

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Less than 0.5% non-water soluble sodium, a toxin to plants

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        No significant concentrations of water soluble toxic trace elements

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        Low clay content, making it hard and resistant to attrition

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        High CEC (cation exchange capacity) that allows loading of approximately 2.2% nitrogen

                                      ?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">        A large surface area of approximately 24.9 square meters per gram



                                      Clinoptilolite zeolite has been used for years in animal feed as a flow agent and to increase the durability of pellets. Livestock research with clinoptilolite zeolite inclusion in feed has shown positive results in the colonization of beneficial micro-organisms, pH reduction and overall health benefits.*

                                      The high cation-exchange-capacity allows it to capture ammonium, which inhibits the development of odor from ammonia in confinement systems, composting, and anaerobic digestion. When applied to the soil, nitrogen (ammonium) held in clinoptilolite zeolite is gradually released to support plant growth, to conserve nitrogen and minimize groundwater contamination.


                                      The water filtration industry has used clinoptilolite zeolite for years for swimming pool filtration and municipal water treatment. Clinoptilolite zeolite has also been used to control odors and remove toxins from the air. The mining industry uses clinoptilolite to control ammonia in blasting and to clean effluents. Environmental remediation efforts have recognized that the high cation-exchange capacity of clinoptilolite zeolite is effective for the removal of ammonium, heavy metals, light metals, sodium and radioactive isotopes from groundwater.

                                      Medical researchers are discovering applications for clinoptilolite; such as an adjuvant in cancer therapy, blood coagulant, wound dressing, cholesterol reducer, anti-viral agent, de-toxicant, anti-oxidant and as a treatment to alleviate digestive disorders.*


                                      Clinoptilolite zeolite has multiple uses in and around the home. Neutralize odors from pets and waste, and help control mildew and mold development in closets and basements by absorbing moisture. Outside, clinoptilolite zeolite can be added to soil conserve fertilizer and manage moisture, filter swimming pools and ponds, provide traction on sidewalks in the winter and to clean oil spills in the garage.


                                      *Bear River Zeolite Co. and United States Antimony Corporation are not claiming these benefits from third party research. This information is provided as a resource for future investigation.






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